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Just Announced!

Department of the Navy Blanket Purchase Agreement for use by all of DoD!  Are you tasked with managing a training event, technical conference, workshop, or other event for your DoD agency then you can use our BPA to accomplish your mission. 

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The Federal Business Council can produce a technology event at your agency at no cost to the government. We have over 25 years experience in planning, managing, and working on events with Federal Agencies. Our proven track record is with both civilian and DoD agencies. Some agencies that we have worked with include the National Security Agency (NSA), U.S. Department of State, General Services Administration (GSA), U.S. Department of the Army, National Institutes of Technology (NIST), and U.S. Department of Treasury.

There is no fee for government agencies to work with the Federal Business Council on planning most events. However, we are on the GSA Schedule under Marketing, Media, and Public Information Services - Schedule 738 "Trade Shows/Exhibits and Conference and Events Planning Services" (Contract # GS-23F-0228K). This allows federal agencies to utilize our services under the correct legal guidelines. The U.S. Army has made use of this contract for three years for their annual "Worldwide Public Affairs Workshop." This allows them to focus on the agenda and content of the workshop while FBC works out all of the logistics!

Whether you are interested in planning a one-day tabletop information technology exposition, a focused event with speakers and exhibitors or a full-scale conference…FBC can help!

FBC will work with your agency to tailor an event to your specific needs. FBC handles all aspects of events from planning to implementation to lessons learned. With an experienced personnel and an office on the west coast, FBC has conducted over 250 expositions for the Federal Government nationally each year. In addition, FBC has managed conferences with 400+ attendees and 50+ exhibitors, which have involved seminars, workshops, various speakers, receptions, and sponsored activities. When FBC manages an exposition within your agency our responsibilities include:

  • Determining the space needed for the event.
  • Booking the space (if applicable).
  • Handling all areas with the event site such as catering and contracts.
  • Researching, contacting and coordinating appropriate companies to participate as exhibitors.
  • Providing industry exhibitors with guidance on exhibiting and directions to location.
  • Pre-show promotion: flyers, posters, table tents, e-mails and websites for attendees to pre-register.
  • Setting up exhibit area with tables, tablecloths, chairs and registration area.

Full-scale conference planning includes all of the above, plus:

  • Assisting with the overall planning of the conference.
  • Choosing a site for event.
  • Ordering audio visual equipment and other needs at facility.
  • Designing and printing of any program materials such as brochures, programs, signage, invitations, name badges, binders, etc.
  • Mailing, e-mailing, faxing any pre-event information, such as directions, agenda, site details of conference.
  • Advertising of conference in publications, on line and via other media vehicles.
  • Covering all aspects of registration process such as on line registration, maintenance of registrants in a database format, name badges and day of registration area.
  • Post event follow up with attendees and planning committee.


FBC is also capable of managing your classified conference from the perspective of logistics and attendee information. If this is a component of your next event, FBC will process security clearances and ensure that the logistics are in place to conduct classified sessions. Contact us for further information and details. If you are interested in planning an event at your agency or you are tasked with planning a conference for your organization and need help, you may submit your information to us directly through our sister site:


You may also send your inquiry to Bob Jeffers at bj@fbcinc.com, (800) 878-2940 x226.