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I received a very impressive, positive comment from our customer, Talla-Tech, Inc., Bob Carpenter yesterday that I must share. He is a new account and has exhibited in one other event, Fort Benning. He praised the service and high level of profession attention that he received at both events. He said that FBC was one of the highest level service oriented organizations that he had ever had the opportunity to be associated with. Please, he said, pass along his impressions to everyone connected with providing such a high level performance. He said that he will be looking forward to many more events in the future. All, it seems to me, should be included in these praised, since we all contribute to this kind of customer satisfaction. Pleasurably submitted
George Hall (FBC) on behalf of Bob Carpenter, Talla-Tech, Inc.

Department Contacts

Company's Phone

(301) 206-2940 (local)
1 (800) 878-2940 (toll free)

Extensions for each party are listed below:

Events Management 

Robert (BJ) Jeffers

East Coast Events


ext. 226

Dennis O'Neill

West Coast Events



Sales & Marketing 

Stacy Gosnell

Sales Manager


ext. 216

Gabriel Wollner

Sales Manager


ext. 211

Spenser Wempe

Marketing Manager


ext. 207

Accounting and Administration 

Tim Garner



ext. 229

Susan McClain

Accounts Receivable


ext. 228

Cindy Carroll

Human Resources & Accounts Payable


ext. 224

Internal Operations/I.T. 

Tina Sheehy

Director of Internal Operations


ext. 212

Daniel Wentworth

Senior Web Developer/DBA


ext. 221