Department Contacts

Company Phone Numbers

(301) 206-2940 (local)
1 (800) 878-2940 (toll free)

Extensions for each party are listed below:

 David Powell

 Chief Executive Office (CEO)

 ext. 210

Tina Sheehy

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

 ext. 212

 Events Management 

 Stephanie Ascher

 Director of Events

 ext. 225

 Mike O'Neill

 Event Development

 ext. 218

 Sales and Account Management

 Stacy Gosnell

 Sales Manager

 ext. 216

 Rhonda Newbert

 Sales Manager

 ext. 217

 Karen Stratford

 Sales Manager

 ext. 213

 Gabriel Wollner

 Sales Manager

 ext. 211


 Beth Lacey Gill

 Marketing Director

 ext. 245

 Anthony Gargan

 Marketing Associate

 ext. 204

 Accounting & Administration 

 Tim Garner

 Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

 ext. 229

 Susan McClain

 Accounts Receivable

 ext. 228

 Cindy Carroll

 Human Resources & Accounts Payable

 ext. 224

 Information Technology

 Daniel Wentworth

 IT Manager & Web Master

 ext. 221