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(Mike) Hello. After telling you yesterday how great it was to work with Victoria yesterday morning, I have another bit of praise for you. Anna (and I never got her last name) helped with the last session of the day in the B track…she was great. She introduced herself, told me that she was there to hold up the time to go cards at the back of the room, and would help with any other issue that might come up. We had the beginnings of an issue with microphones, and Anna was there to help, if needed. Whoever gets the credit for hiring such great people as Victoria and Anna should be commended. Victoria and Anna should also be commended for being so helpful and customer oriented. That level of service is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again.
Mark Wilson, CISSP

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FBC currently has several discount programs in effect. We offer discounts of up to 20% for multiple events or series registration. We offer additional discounts of up to 10% for early registration.

Our discount programs are cumulative. For early registration at multiple events, you can receive up to a 30% discount off of the list price of an event.

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In addition to the discounts above, if you register 90+ days prior to an event you will receive an additional 10% discount and if you register 45-89 days prior to an event you will receive an additional 5% discount.

If you register for a date-TBA event the discount will be calculated as if the event were held on the last day of the month.

NOTE: Discounts are not available for some special events. However, all events count toward the discount level for multiple event registration. For example, if you register for five events and one is a non-discounted special event, you will still get a 5% discount on the remaining four events.