What is NICE365?

Our approach is to rapidly accelerate the development of a Cyber Security Education Ecosystem by building upon the past work of the NICE Workshop and extending it into a platform that occurs nationally, all year long. We call this approach “NICE 365” as it is designed to accelerate the relevance of NICE to the nation throughout the year by leveraging many of the strong programs and partners in the country.

The specific management objectives for NICE 365 in the first year (FY2015) include:

  • Launch and manage the NICE Workshop 2014, including the Steering and Organization committees;
  • Conduct the necessary meetings and drive the conversations to define content and strategy (tracks, content, speakers, MC, coordination);
  • Build, launch, and run the NICE 365 presence, the communication plan for the launch, and the National Cyber Education Map, and then build and promote the NICE Ecosystem;
  • Integrate NICE 365 at top national conferences and critical infrastructure shows in order to scale messages through multiple channels and trade shows and associations; and
  • Rapidly and proactively expand the cyber curricula in high schools and colleges to achieve a deep involvement from industry organizations for overall support.

This approach provides an ‘always-on' platform to enable communication, education, and responsiveness for the rapidly evolving cyber education and workforce development environment.