NSA Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) 2017

WALKOFF Developer Challenge

Schedule: Room: BCC 339/340
0800-0830Opening Remarks & WALKOFF Demo
0830-0900Remarks by Special Guest
0900-1200Development Time
(development may continue)
1300-1400Development Time
1400 Projects submitted for Judging
1430 Top Five Finalists Announced
1500 Closing Remarks & Recognition
1500-1630Open Mic Results Presentation (3-5 minutes each)
WALKOFF is an open source automation platform that enables the plug and play integration of devices and systems making automation of environments faster, cheaper, and easier. WALKOFF can be used in a multitude of contexts including cybersecurity, internet of things, analytics, and systems administration. Developers and integrators from across the IA community are invited to the WALKOFF Developer Challenge. This all day IAS exclusive event provides a unique opportunity to learn and use the WALKOFF platform. Working in small teams, participants will use the WALKOFF platform and leverage a variety of vendor provided test boxes to develop innovative solutions to solve five problem sets. Participants will be able to walk away with hands on experience with the WALKOFF platform which they can then apply to their respective missions.

WALKOFF is an open source automation platform allowing users to integrate dissimilar systems, services, and capabilities across their respective missions. By using the open source platform as a driver for adoption there is the ability for industry and government to seamlessly share capabilities and workflows making development of capabilities drastically cheaper, faster, and easier. This allows offices to focus on the mission itself instead of the architecture around their missions.

The WALKOFF Developer Challenge is a one day event held 21 June 2017 as a part of IAS. Participants will develop solutions and/or prototypes using WALKOFF against five pressing problem sets including cybersecurity and Internet of Things. To assist with these prototypes will be a variety of different vendors providing demo boxes and technical personnel to assist teams with the integration of their products as desired. During the day a set of judges will choose their favorite solutions from across the room and those teams chosen will get 15 minutes to present their prototype. Afterwards the floor will be opened to anyone else who would like to present at 5 minutes per team. In addition, there will be breakout sessions to interested participants for tutorials, use cases, and training presentations by attending vendors detailing the capabilities of the demo boxes they provided and a brief overview on how to integrate with them.

Problem Sets:
The following are the five pressing problem sets participants will be developing solutions for:
  1. Derived Credentials
  2. Content Aware Filtering
  3. Internet of Things Security
  4. Key Distribution
  5. Data Overload
Check back often for updates and summaries.

Participants’ Requirements:
  • IAS attendees will be able to register to participate in the WALKOFF as part of the attendee session selection process. Registered attendees can login to select their sessions here.
  • Bring own laptop and power cord/batteries
  • Download and bring: Python 2.7+ or Python 3.3+, pip, Windows or Linux
    • Posted on github page at www.github.com/iadgov/walkoff
Vendors’ Requirements:
  • Register to be a vendor at the WALKOFF Here
  • Demo boxes or demo system accessible by internet
  • Technical representative to assist/mentor attendees with integration and usage of their product
  • Overview slides detailing capabilities of vendor product and how to integrate with WALKOFF lasting no longer than 15 minutes. Please submit your training presentation upon registration to be approved in advance. Please focus your content on what participants in the WALKOFF Developers Challenge need to know about your product to be successful participants. Any marketing or sales conversations must take place separately.
  • Teams
    • Teams can be between 2 to 5 members. All team members have to be registered.
  • Developing
    • All codes, designs, assets, and more must be created on the day of the challenge.
    • Only planning and brainstorming can be done prior to the challenge.
  • Open Source, APIs
    • Teams will be able to use open source projects, libraries, and frameworks.
More Information:
To learn more about WALKOFF visit https://iadgov.github.io/WALKOFF/.