Welcome to Ft. Benning

Fort Benning turns 100 years old in 2018! The centennial celebration surrounding this year’s expo and Maneuver Conference are sure to be memorable. Join us to learn about the 100 years of Leadership Fort Benning has provided the world and learn about the future strategies that Fort Benning will play in securing the world.

THE FORT BENNING EXPO is a three day annual event at Fort Benning, Georgia. The expo is held inside of McGinnis-Wickam Hall, the headquarters for the US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. Hosted by MWR and running concurrently with the weeklong Maneuver Warfighter Conference, this expo provides a unique opportunity for your company to reach senior military leaders from installations around the world as well as the tenant units of Fort Benning.

The Fort Benning Expo will be held September 11-13, 2018.

McGinnis-Wickam Hall, headquarters for the US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
Building 4 Karker Street
Fort Benning, GA 31905

The 27,000 active duty members stationed at Fort Benning, 1000+ Maneuver Conference Attendees, and 800 occupants of McGinnis-Wickam Hall are all invited and encouraged to attend.

Any company with products/services beneficial to the US Army mission that would like to reach a diverse group of military decision makers and theater deploying soldiers from throughout the United States. This forum provides a cost effective way to educate hundreds of military professionals about your company.