What is “Federal Channels”?

Back in 2000, finding any practical training for selling to the government was very difficult. A group of government sales and marketing experts got together based upon a common goal of de-mystifying ‘selling to the federal government.’ We traveled to several cities, coast to coast, training as many audiences as we could…. and the response was incredible.

So, why Federal Channels: Government Marketing Best Practices 2020? Times have changed. Even today, sifting through the noise is confusing for the most experienced companies We see a need for clarity and updated information about what is working and what is not working in today’s government marketplace. We have once again brought together the brightest minds in government marketing to help you make some sense out of it. Combined, this group of experts works with thousands of companies every year. They each help companies improve market share, win business, become more effective across the vast spectrum of skills, and proficiencies needed to succeed in our marketplace.

Frankly, of the many, many diverse questions and situations our various clientele present us with, we noticed some consistency and realized that the answers would be of interest to a broader audience. As many federal sales and marketing people know, finding information is the easy part. Techniques that actually work, that set you apart, and reduce your time to success, well, those are much more difficult to come by.

Federal Channels: Government Marketing Best Practices 2020 is designed to provide the most up-to-date and practical information, techniques and tools to help you win more government business.

We look forward to seeing you on July 21!

Mark Amtower, Mike O’Neill & David Powell