Blue Collar Stem Conference

Blue-Collar STEM refers to the wide range of jobs and opportunities that require extensive STEM training and skills, but do not require an individual to go through a typical four-year college program. These jobs range from Machinists to Technician to Aides to Coders and exist in most fields including manufacturing, information systems, health care, telecommunications and construction. The training to obtain these jobs can be acquired through high school, vocational and trade schools, apprenticeship programs, community colleges and two year Universities programs. Currently, many of these jobs are going unfilled. Blue-Collar STEM workers can earn six figure incomes. Blue-Collar Workers helped create the strongest economy in the world. We want to see these worker stay a successful, vital part of the future economy.

This Conference brings together the five stakeholders in the Blue-Collar STEM issue, Industry, Government, Education, Labor and the Military. Speakers and representatives from these stakeholders will discuss their perspective on the topic. This event is a call to action to encourage more attention and awareness to this topic. This is one of the first events of this nature focusing on the wide range of Blue-Collar STEM jobs. Other conferences have focused on a particular area, but we are covering the entire World.

Following the Conference at the Museum, there will be a Blue Collar STEM Fair from 7-9 pm. The Fair will be open to High School Students, Teachers and Guidance Counselors to let them know about the many job opportunities in Blue Collar STEM. We are looking for companies and organization to participate in the Fair. You do not have to attend the conference to participate in the Fair. To participate and for further information on the Fair, contact Phil Rogofsky, Director, at

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