Mr. Timothy Teal is a technical innovator, leader, strategist and proud Navy war veteran. He currently serves as the Director, J6/J8 for the Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF). In his current role, Mr. Teal is charged with arming the Cyber Mission Forces (CMF) with tactical tools and capabilities to successfully perform their mission.

Prior to his role in CNMF, Mr. Teal served as the Technical Director of the Capability Development Group (CDG) at United States Cyber Command. In this role, Mr. Teal was responsible for standing up CDG, as well as providing technical guidance and direction on emerging technologies appropriate to the needs of United States Cyber Command.

Mr. Teal spent 10 years on active duty in the United States Navy. During this time, he earned multiple awards and commendations for his leadership, innovation and creative technology solutions that armed warfighters with automated capabilities with a significant emphasis geared towards saving time and money.

Mr. Teal is a mission and warfighter focused executive. His servant leadership style has inspired colleagues and subordinates alike to do more, be more, and take care of each other. His leadership style stems from his experience as a Navy Enlisted crewmember aboard the U.S.S Arthur Radford (DD-968) during Operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield and multiple other assignments.

Prior to his assignments at United States Cyber Command, Mr. Teal served as the Technical Director of the Analytic Tradecraft Automation Office (ATAO) at the National Security Agency (NSA). In this role, he was responsible for providing technical leadership and strategy for the advancement of analytic technologies and practices with a strong emphasis on developing and deploying large-scale data analytics.

Mr. Teal helped to establish and lead the successful stand up of the National Security Agency's (NSA) Data Scientist Development Program (DSDP). This program was a grassroots effort established before the Data Scientist name was well understood.

Mr. Teal is also a founding member of a small group that successfully stood up the National Security Agency's (NSA)'s "Hunt" mission. During his time in this organization, he was privileged to serve as the Technical Director of Mission Technologies which was responsible for obtaining and deploying tactical capabilities to hunt for sophisticated adversaries across the Department of Defense (DoD) classified networks.

Mr. Teal's interests include data science, advanced analytics, hunt mission, advanced human behavior analytics (incorporating cognitive intuition and cognitive logic) as well as boating! :-)