Drew Cohen is the current CEO of Zuul IoT as well as the CEO and President of MasterPeace Solutions, Ltd. Drew's background is rooted in software and system delivery. Early in his career he developed systems that were deployed across the Intelligence Community and DoD, including the first operational Navy intelligence system built using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, POST, and the map rendering software for one of the first GIS systems deployed widely across the Intelligence Community, Oilstock. After developing an exclusive with Netscape in the early 1990's, he left Government contracting to become the CTO and founder of an Internet startup, iFusion LLC. In 1995 he moved to Silicon Valley and joined the Intel Corporation as Director of Technical Strategy for Intel's Content Group. In 1997 he left Intel to become a founder and CEO of NeoPlanet Inc., a technology startup that was sold to Compaq in 2001. He returned to his roots, to support the Government after 9/11, working for Booz Allen Hamilton, where he was promoted to Partner and Senior Vice President and was also responsible for starting Booz Allen's cloud computing initiative and leading the Booz Allen's Systems development work across National Security Accounts.