Mr. Dennis Kelly is the Product Lead for Enterprise Computing (EC), an office within Project Director, Enterprise Services. Mr. Kelly has oversight of the EC portfolio, which consists of six primary initiatives:

• Army Private Cloud (APC2) and Cloud Services
• Army Data Center Consolidation Plan
• Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide (AESD-W)
• AESD Federation
• Army Software Marketplace
• Data Center/Cloud/Generating Force

Throughout his 40 year career, Mr. Kelly has performed myriad roles including project manager, private sector executive, and independent organizational development consultant. Mr. Kelly began his career as a U.S. Marine in communications-electronics during the Vietnam War. As a satellite communications systems engineer, he planned the deployment of in-orbit satellites and designed the first Satellite Switched Time Division Multiple Access plan for use in the INTELSAT satellite system. In industry, he designed the transition strategy for the worldwide consolidation of 150 data centers into three supercenters. As a consultant for the Federal Aviation Administration, he facilitated the implementation of strategic and operational management processes. He also served as the principal advisor for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology to the Chief of the Army Reserve, and as a communications policy advisor to the Army Chief Information Officer/G6 Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Kelly joined PEO EIS in 2011, and served as a Project Officer with EC since its inception in 2013. As the AESD-W lead, Mr. Kelly managed three service desk locations that handled one million incidents at 44 installations, as well as supporting the 1.5 million users of Army Knowledge Online and Enterprise Email. For APC2, he facilitated the provision of Cloud Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service for DOD customers.

Mr. Kelly is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, and he holds a Master of Arts in American Government from Catholic University.

Mr. Kelly is a member of the U.S. Army Acquisition Corps and is Level III certified in Program Management and is a Certified Management Consultant. His professional association memberships include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Engineering Management Society and the Institute of Management Consultants USA.