Laura believes that cybersecurity scare tactics are ineffective and paralyzing to small business owners. Thus she co-founded CyberWyoming and the economic development program Made Safe in Wyoming, with her partners Patrick Wolfinbarger and James Drever, to take a fresh approach and emphasize business owner strengths and capitalize on them. This approach creates a supportive environment to encourage adoption of cybersecurity best practices in one of the most underserved demographics of business.

"In creating a cohesive and trusted cybersecurity community in each small town or larger city, cybersecurity mentors will emerge and adoption of best practices will increase," said Laura Baker. "That is what the Made Safe in Wyoming economic development program does."

Laura has extensive experience in project management, account management, marketing, and business analysis. Throughout the years, she has worked in risk management, social services software development, mental health, and hospital/clinic healthcare - all from the technical perspective. In fact, Laura designed the first juvenile assessment center software in the nation.

Laura graduated from the University of Wyoming with her B.S. in Marketing, continued on with her Masters in Business Administration from Texas Tech University, and later earned her Associates in Risk Management.

She has worked with East coast Fortune 1000 companies to create risk management solutions, translated technological needs of mental health professionals for the largest community mental health center in the nation, created CD and website sales products for international companies, developed juvenile probation products with small county agencies, and project managed hardware implementations for hospitals, clinics, and rural small businesses.

With social service, county agency, mental health, healthcare IT, and non-profit experience, Laura created CyberWyoming truly understanding business owner technological needs. She most often uses her risk management background to translate technical speak to business risks, but also pulls from the psychology of language and decision making.