NSA Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) 2017

About IAS

Today, we face a common problem. Both government and industry have been challenged by the enormous growth and scale of cyber, connectivity, and malicious cyber activity. Further, the trend of convergence over the last couple of decades has brought nearly all networks together. Unlike 10, or 20 years ago, where activity on the nascent Internet was largely independent of the rest of social and economic activity, today, we depend on our networks for everything from government to critical infrastructure, finances, and national defense. We all share the same cyberspace.

The future for defense demands a unified, coordinated approach, a type of integration that has not yet been achieved. As such, this year’s Symposium will feature increased, relevant briefings from our partners across the U.S. Government, 2nd party partners, industry, and academia. Together, we will take a hard look at the big ideas and game changers necessary to meet today’s operational challenges and tomorrow’s operational landscape.

IAS 2017 will focus on technology trends and best practices, integrated cyber defense capabilities, integrating and delivering information assurance and cybersecurity capabilities and services, and how to develop and sustain a workforce of cybersecurity professionals to increase the Nation’s security at scale. Our goal is to present thoughtfully planned topics that highlight lessons learned from key initiatives, or provide opportunities for collaborative further exploration.