Lisa Holman was appointed as the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer (Deputy CISO) for the United States Postal Service in May 2017. In this role, Lisa directs the development and delivery of effective cybersecurity strategies, safeguarding the Postal Service's employees, customers, critical infrastructure, and information systems against present and future digital threats. These strategies encompass delivering cybersecurity solutions to protect the enterprise, building resilience in business processes to ensure continuity, and mitigating risk to help secure one of the world's most extensive networks.

Lisa leads the drive to strengthen governance over the Postal Service's cybersecurity structure, funding, policy and compliance, training and awareness efforts and workforce resourcing. She reports to the Chief Information Security Officer.

Before her appointment to the Deputy CISO role, Lisa served as the Assistant Inspector in Charge of Information Technology Services Management for the United States Postal Inspection Service the nation's oldest federal law enforcement organization. There, she directed liaison and service delivery for information technology applications and infrastructure, data and intelligence, mobile solutions, and cybersecurity response. Her tenure as a federal law enforcement officer included a variety of assignments focused on defending the nation's mail system from illegal or dangerous use and protecting its employees, infrastructure, and customers. Lisa is renowned for her investigative efforts combatting Internet crimes and child exploitation and has been recognized nationally for her efforts defend our nation's children.
Tenured over thirty years in the federal sector, including technical and investigative experience, Lisa brings a unique perspective to the Deputy CISO role. Her commitment to protecting customers, employees, partners and USPS assets affords tremendous value to the Postal Service and the cybersecurity community at large.