Security Executive , Advisor and Thought leader who has led and successfully defined and
executed several security programs in multiple organizations in diverse industry verticals . Lenin
has built several firsts in the industry from first Education-As-A Service(EAAS) platform to building
security platform for first fully Open cloud product. As an emerging technologies enthusiast , Lenin
has helped advise and guide initiatives from Cloud, Mobile , Big Data and AI for multiple companies
as well as speaking severally on such topics and its relevance in the current security landscape.
Lenin was an earlier contributor to some of first whitepapers released by CSA(Cloud Security
Alliance) and is an active participant in several other Information Security related interests.
As a security thought leader, Lenin has spoken at several security conferences , contributed to
security books, and also quoted in security and tech media. Lenin was formerly the security Head at
IO and is currently President at Limit+ where he provides cyber security consulting and security
product advisory services to several clients. Lenin is the security advisor for Kogni, world's first AI
powered Big Data Security product by Clairvoyant .

Lenin holds a BA, and graduated top of class with a double major in Computer Science and Math.