33rd Annual Government Procurement Conference (GPC)

Procurement Matchmaking

2024 Matchmaking Process

Procurement Matchmaking will be offered once again as a value-added opportunity to meet with buyers in special, pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with participating buyers during the conference. This portion of the event is limited in availability and is offered to small business participants registered for the overall conference on a first-come, first-served basis. Procurement Matchmaking "matches" small company "sellers" with participating "buyers" represented by government agencies and large business prime contractors. These buyers and sellers will convene for a series of one-on-one meetings that will occur throughout the event in a special Matchmaking meeting area. Matchmaking appointments are limited to 3 appointments per company (not participant). Multiple participants from the same company share the matchmaking schedule and can attend meetings together (two company representatives per meeting).

We are using a new matchmaking system for the 2024 event! Please add gpc@fbcinc.com to be accepted by your email inbox to ensure you receive updates for Matchmaking.

Matchmaking correspondence will begin in April 2024

How Does Matchmaking Work? How Do I Participate?

  • Register for the Conference—In order to participate in Procurement Matchmaking, each person must first register for the conference by completing the Attendee or Exhibitor Registration Form and electing to participate in Procurement Matchmaking. Registration for the Procurement Matchmaking program will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to the first ~300 companies that register for the overall conference, have a SAM Unique Entity ID (UEI), and select participation in Procurement Matchmaking. Last year's conference had hundreds of companies waitlisted for matchmaking so register early.
  • Receive a Procurement Matchmaking Profile Creation Email—Upon completion of your registration in the Government Procurement Conference with interest in Procurement Matchmaking, you will receive an email confirming your ability to complete your company's Procurement Matchmaking profile once the matchmaking process begins (beginning in April). Please note, all registered participants from the same company will have the ability to edit the company profile as needed. If matchmaking is "sold out" you will be placed on a wait list.
  • Complete the Procurement Matchmaking Profile—Your email will invite you to login to the Matchmaking system and complete your company profile in anticipation of being matched with buyers for a custom schedule. This process will entail providing NIAC codes and special keywords that will be used to match your company with participating procurement representatives for a customized matchmaking meeting schedule.
  • Receive your Custom Face-to-Face Schedule of Matchmaking Meetings—Approximately two weeks before the event, the Matchmaking Team will begin the matchmaking scheduling process. During this process you will be presented with your company’s matchmaking schedule for the day and the selection of procurement representatives that matched with your organization, based on the keywords and NIAC codes you provided in your profile and buyer availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Procurement Matchmaking

  1. How do you match buyers and sellers?
    Utilizing NIAC codes, small businesses are able to designate their products and services. The Matchmaking system then uses the codes and industry affiliation as the basis of determining the matches to set appointments. It is up to each registered small business to enter their codes to set their appointment schedule before attending the event.
  2. How long are the Matchmaking appointments?
    Appointments are in 15-minute increments with a five-minute break in between each appointment. There are three appointments per hour throughout the day.
  3. How many appointments will my company receive?
    The total number of appointments will be based on how well your firm matches up to the product and service needs of the participating procurement representatives up to a max of three appointments per company. Keep in mind: the more complete your seller profile, the higher the likelihood of making good matches.
  4. What if my company doesn't match with participating buyers?
    To help ensure meaningful appointments, small businesses will be unable to schedule meetings with buyers who don't match the firm's products or services. Many of the buyers' schedules will fill up early in the scheduling process. For this reason, we cannot guarantee matches and appointments. Our Matchmaking Team will do everything possible to assist you with securing appointments. If you are not able to secure an appointment, please remember that many of these same agencies and companies will be exhibiting as well, so there is more than one method to connect during the event.
  5. Can I register my company on the day of the event?
    Due to the preparation time that goes into the registration and scheduling of the Procurement Matchmaking program, registration must be in advance of the event. There will be a “standby” area onsite to fill in any no-show appointments.
  6. Who are the buyers that are expected to attend?
    Participating government agencies and large business Prime Contractors that serve these government agencies.
  7. Will small businesses be awarded contracts during Procurement Matchmaking?
    Procurement Matchmaking provides unique opportunities for small businesses to meet with buyers who are motivated to award contracts and sub-contracts to smaller firms. While the program doesn't guarantee contracts, simply because of the nature of the normal bidding process between buyers and suppliers, it does create opportunities for small businesses to hold personal, one-on-one meetings with potential clients that would have taken weeks or months—if ever— to research and schedule on their own.

For questions regarding Procurement Matchmaking, please email gpc@fbcinc.com.