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Event: IRS Oxon Hill
Date: February 11, 2015
Location: First Floor Treasury Acquisition Institute
Oxon Hill, MD

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Marketing Services Package Fee:
$495  (Small Business)
$989  (Standard)

General Information

Event Details
The 2015 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Oxon Hill Technology Exposition is a one-day exposition held on-site, where industry vendors will have the opportunity to display their products and services to personnel that may otherwise be unattainable.

Held at the Constellation Centre, this location houses over 300 Procurement and Acquisition personnel for IRS. The event sponsor, IRS Small Business Programs Office, helps FBC with promotions and as a result, a majority of these personnel participate in the event. All other IRS personnel will receive invitations as well.

Past Attendee Types
At the 2012 expo, attendees included personnel with titles such as Contract Specialist, Contracting Officer, Procurement Analyst, IT Specialist, Small Business Specialist, Engineer, and Business Operations Specialist, among others.

IRS IT Background Information:
The Business Systems Modernization Program (Modernization Program) is a complex effort to modernize IRS technology and related business processes. It involves integrating thousands of hardware and software components while replacing outdated technology and maintaining the current tax system. Successful modernization of IRS systems and the development and implementation of new IT applications is necessary to meet evolving business needs.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) relies extensively on information technology (IT) systems to annually collect more than $2 trillion in taxes, distribute more than $300 billion in refunds, and carry out its mission of providing service to America’s taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations

IT plays a critical role in enabling IRS to carry out its mission and responsibilities. For example, the agency relies on information systems to process tax returns, account for tax revenues collected, send bills for taxes owed, issue refunds, assist in the selection of tax returns for audit, and provide telecommunications services for all business activities, including the public’s toll-free access to tax information.

IRS’s Information Technology organization is responsible for delivering IT services and solutions to support tax administration as well as the operations of the broader organization. Information Technology is headed by the Chief Technology Officer who reports to the Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support.

Each Marketing Service Package Includes:

• 2 company reps
• Company description and contact info distributed to each attendee in the Exhibitor Guide
• 5ft table
• Electricity with power strip
• Post show attendee list (opt-in only)

Requested Technologies

All HUBZone companies are encouraged to participate.

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