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The agenda will be developed at the regular NLEA meetings prior to the NLIT conference and posted on this site when available.

This is an existing community of Business Relationship Managers consisting of representatives from Fermilab, ORNL, PNNL, Sandia and SLAC. We meet on line throughout the year and use our time together to gain insights and perspectives from our peers at different labs. We have shared a range of topics including "How we are structured to support the mission of our Labs?", "How do we engage with our research partners?" and "How do our BRM's feed the Demand Management process?"

In this workshop we will continue our work by focusing on the question: "As a BRM how do you influence your senior leadership (not just the CIO) and scientific mission?". The outcome of the workshop will be a list of tactics that we can each use to increase our influence on senior leadership and ultimately our impact in our roles.

The agenda is in development and will posted on this site when available.

To be put on a wait list or for more information about the National Lab Classified Working Group, email
One of the classified community's challenges is getting together to discuss current "hot topics" around classified computing. To address this, Argonne is hosting a classified, half-day session in one of our classified auditoriums for 50 attendees to discuss services - and demo capabilities. Attendees must have DOE Q clearance to attend.

Improv isn't just for performing on stage-the techniques that improvisers use for making quick decisions and communicating them to their teammates can also be used when collaborating with others in your organization. This is not a lecture, but an on-your-feet, interactive workshop in which participants will move, laugh and get to know each other while learning the basics of applied improvisation. The techniques and games being taught will focus on teambuilding, listening and generating new ideas, as well as the improv philosophy of "yes and." All participants will receive a link to the notes for the workshop, which include additional games and exercises that can be taken back to your home laboratories.

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