Important - First Day of the CDTF has been changed to UNCLASSIFIED

**Jan. 30th, the first day of the CDTF, is now being held at the UNCLASSIFIED level. The second day, Jan. 31st, remains at the SECRET Clearance level. If you would like to register for the first day of unclassified presentations, please go to the registration page.

Cross domain technology is a unique section of the information technology world, as it allows users to access or send information from one security level network to another. The Unified Cross Domain Services Management Office (UCDSMO) is presenting a two-day classified forum that will focus on delivering information to attendees who work with cross domain technologies. The theme for this forum is "Cybersecurity and Physical Defenses for CDS", and presentations will discuss cross domain solutions, services and technologies, and what new challenges are arising in today's rapidly changing environment. Topics will include CDS Overlay Version 4, Foreign Military Sales, Cloud CDS, CDS Content Filtering Guidance. Attendees will collaborate, build partnerships and advance their technical knowledge of cross domain technology.

Want to know more about Cross Domain basics? Check out Cross Domain Solutions 101, an online class:

Workshop Classification: Jan. 30th is UNCLASSIFIED, Jan. 31st is SECRET

Clearance Requirements: No clearance is required for Jan. 30th, a minimum active SECRET clearance is required for Jan 31st.

Audience: U.S. Government (USG), Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC) & Five-Eyes (FVEY) Partners (Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand) that work with Cross Domain Technology. Industry, Research and Academia that work with cross domain technology.

Who should attend?
Anyone from the US Government or Five Eyes Partner Governments (Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand) that works with cross domain technologies, or needs to know more about cross domain technology to accomplish their missions. Interested Industry, Research and Academia people may also attend, if they already hold the required clearance level.

There is no cost to attend the Cross Domain Technical Forum for US Government, US Military, and FVEY Partners (Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand).

The attendee cost for contractors** and industry partners is $195.

** If you are a contractor supporting a government cross domain mission, please contact the UCDSMO for a payment comp code to waive the registration fee.
Email: or call 240-373-0796

Inclement Weather Policy
CDTF Status (late opening/closed) in regards to the weather conditions will be determined by the hosting facility, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab campus. Call this number for CDTF status: 443-778-6101. The college usually makes a weather decision at 5 AM but can adjust that if the weather worsens.