About the Event

CMS CISO Cyber Security Forum: Enabling the CMS Mission Rapidly and Securely

Cybersecurity and privacy is an enabling force at CMS. By unleashing the power of innovation, experimentation, and rapid change, CMS leads government and industry toward a more resilient, data driven risk posture. The CMS CISO Cybersecurity Forum will bring together all agency stakeholders in information security and privacy protection. The multi-track program will dive deep into topics including risk-based program management, ideas in innovation, enterprise resiliency and common sense strategies to simplify and automate. Come to learn, be curious and think big. Share your perspectives and together let’s obsess on solutions to meet our customer's business needs.

The CMS CISO Cybersecurity Forum is provided in support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Our goal during Cybersecurity Awareness Month is to engage and educate CMS staff on protecting information technology systems and data from cyber-attack and to promote clear and consistent communications about cybersecurity and privacy protections