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Registration for the Cross Domain Technical Forum (CDTF) is closed. No further registrations can be accepted at this time.

There will be no on-site registrations

Clearance Requirements

No clearance is required to attend on days 1 and 2 (June 27 and 28). An active Secret clearance is required to attend on day 3 (June 29).

To attend the classified day on June 29, U.S. citizens must hold (at least) an active Secret clearance and send their clearance information to JHU APL. Those from DoD organizations should send their clearance information via the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) to SMO code 888984. Attendees who cannot use DISS must complete a Visit Authorization Letter containing the information below. Requests must be typed and on organizational/company letterhead. This letter may be uploaded to JHU APL’s FedRAMP certified secure dropbox ( or emailed using a password protected document to (The password must be provided in a separate email or verbally by calling 240-228-5661.)

  1. Visitor’s full name (last, first, and middle), position, date and place of birth, citizenship, social security number, and email address
    1. U.S. citizens not born in the United States must also provide a copy of proof of citizenship with the request (i.e., U.S. passport, certificate of birth abroad, or naturalization certificate)
    2. Email addresses are being collected for each visitor to prepare for future e-check-in notifications/capabilities
  2. Certification of the visitor’s DoD clearance level, date granted, and any special accesses (if applicable)
  3. Organization/company name, address, and telephone number, assigned DoD CAGE code (if applicable), and certification of the level of the facility security clearance
  4. Date or period during which the request is to be valid (i.e., 29 June)
  5. Name of person(s) to be visited (i.e., Christine Krider: 240-228-7182, JHU APL Conferences & Facilities Manager)
    Security POC: Rebecca Battaglia, Non secure phone: 240-228-5661
  6. Purpose and sufficient justification for the visit (i.e., to attend the Cross Domain Technical Forum on 29 June at the Kossiakoff Center)
  7. Authorizing individual signature and printed name (e.g. officer of the company, contract authority, person in a position of public trust). A visitor may not sign his/her own request and the signature cannot be typed.
FVEY partners (i.e., non-U.S. citizens) must send appropriate clearances through their embassy in the U.S. Such attendees should contact their embassies no later than 45 days before the event.

For further information non passing your clearance for Day 3 please contact the NCDSMO at

Thank You to Our Event Sponsor

Exclusive Reception, Registration and Lanyard Sponsor