The Sunshine Week: DOC FOIA and Privacy Act Expo has been postponed. Thank you for your interest in this event. We are still looking forward to you sharing our knowledge with your colleagues departmentwide, in the subject matters of FOIA, Privacy, Open Government, and safeguarding government information. With that said, we do hope you will be able to join when the expo can be rescheduled.


The Department of Commerce Office of Privacy and Open Government is hosting the 2020 Sunshine Week: FOIA and Privacy Act Expo, to coincide with this year’s Federally celebrated Sunshine week. The combined themes for the expo are “Your Right to Know” and “Own Your Privacy.”

Sunshine Week is an annual initiative that spearheaded by the News Leaders Association and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to discuss the value and importance of freedom of information and how it has an impact in our communities. DOC also wishes to express not only the importance of open government, but how to protect personally identifiable and business identifiable information while we continue to share government information that is of value to the public.

Training and Awareness
This three‐day event brings together bureau partners to explore solutions in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) planning and standardization of various practices, given the ever‐evolving risks that Federal departments and agencies face while both sharing and protecting information. Participants will be able to register via the Commerce Learning Center (CLC), also through the web site hosted by the Federal Business Council (FBC). FBC is our partnering organization that is sponsoring this event.

Vendor Expo
Occurring on March 17, the expo will consist of vendors specialized in technology solutions pertaining to Privacy, FOIA, Records Management, Open Government, and Cybersecurity as it relates to protection of PII, BII and other CUI. Various Institutions or Organizations have also been invited to provide information regarding training opportunities for those seeking certifications in FOIA, Records Management, and Privacy.