Idaho National Laboratory - National & Homeland Security - Enterprise Architect - Wayne Simpson has been working in architecture/software solutions for the past 36 years.

He has given conference presentations nationally and internationally and has been recognized by numerous organizations and countries for his work including "Washington Times Sept 2014 - Big Data with DHS"; Business intelligence Journal - Domain driven Architecture: Eight Pillars of a successful Architecture; Human Event Repository and Analysis System with the United States NRC, Norway, Holland, Sweden, France and private US Nuclear utility companies, to list a few.

Wayne has received numerous awards some of those included Computerworld Editor's Choice Award - Big Data 2014; Computerworld Laureate Award - Needle Search Engine 2010; IMC Award - Using Secure, Innovative and Agile IT Solutions in Support of DOE's Evolving Missions 2010; and Westinghouse President's Cup award.

Wayne maintains his skills through multiple certifications and 29 different programming languages. Wayne leads many current Innovative research initiatives, ranging from Software Defined Anything (SDx), HPC Scientific Big Data, Predictive Analysis, Platform as a Service (xAAS), Content Normalization for Search, Dependencies and Inter-dependencies within Critical Infrastructure and Business Intelligence.