Emily Wilson is the Director of Analysis at Terbium Labs, an information security and data intelligence startup based in Baltimore, Maryland. At Terbium, Emily is responsible for tracking industry news and trends among actors on the dark web, including specific breach operations, popular targets, and the appearance of new sites for trading or discussing stolen data. She provides analysis for Terbium Labs' customers on the appearance of their information online, along with ongoing analysis on the appearance of fraud, drugs, weapons, extremism, and other information appearing on the dark web. As a dark web expert, Emily has spoken at several industry tradeshows and conferences including RSA, Inside the Dark Web and Data Connections. She frequently is quoted in press articles and is a routine guest on The Cyberwire weekly podcast.

Emily has a background in international relations and foreign policy, with an emphasis on post-Cold War Eastern Europe. She has worked with the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the College of William and Mary on a project to analyze foreign policy trends amongst academics and decision makers. Emily has spent her career working with startups across a variety of industries, with a particular focus on research and product development. She has a Bachelors degree in International Relations from the College of William and Mary.