Convergence 2022: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

AUGUST TBD • Virtual Event


We are excited to announce the 7th Annual IT conference – Convergence 2022.

IT Modernization is happening at the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) on many levels. For CMS, IT Modernization means finding innovative ways to improve efficiency in operations and reducing costs while improving the quality of service delivery and simplifying the way we engage with our stakeholders. At Convergence 2021, you’ll get some insight into the improvements that are occurring and what we anticipate going forward.

The Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ), Office of Acquisition and Grants (OAGM), and Office of Information Technology (OIT) will be featured this year. You’ll hear about Cloud Migrations, the latest in modernization efforts for contract management and how Artificial Intelligence can be used to reduce burden at CMS. And, again this year, several senior technology executives will participate as panelists to answer questions and share their insight into how they think our Agency’s technologies are evolving.

Come, learn how CMS is planning on using or is already executing the latest technological advances!

George Linares Signature
George Linares
Chief Technology Officer
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services