Dr. Nobles is an information technology and cybersecurity subject matter expert (SME), national security leader, cybersecurity scientist, and practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. He is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland University College. He is active in involved in the cybersecurity community, volunteering with multiple professional associations and conducting research. He authored a book on the integration of technologically advanced aircraft in general aviation. Dr. Nobles' personal story is featured in the book, Black Men Changing the Narrative Through Education. Dr. Nobles recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 25 years and is currently employed with Wells Fargo as a Cybersecurity / Information Security subject matter expert supporting the Enterprise Access Management Team. Dr. Nobles serves as the Chairman, Cybersecurity and Information Technology Advisory Board for the Maryland Center and Bowie State University. Additionally, he serves on the Cyber Council for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance. Dr. Nobles has fulfilled various leadership positions. He served as a Cybersecurity, Cyberspace, and Cryptologic Planner, as the Deputy Director of Operations, Deputy Director for Strategy and Governance, Director of National Operations, Chief Security Officer and Deputy Director of Intelligence, and the Executive Lead for Cyber Intelligence Support. Dr. Nobles' is a cybersecurity SME and strategist that understands aligning cyber and information technology efforts to strategic goals to mitigate risks and implementing robust security practices and controls. He is accustomed to leading enterprise-wide changes and transformations to improve the coordination and execution of cybersecurity operations. Dr. Nobles led a global cyber intelligence working group to support national-level objectives consisting of 12 global entities. He spearheaded a national-level prototype project enabling the U.S. to gain the technological advantage, establishing the precedence for leveraging emerging technologies in intelligence operations. Dr. Nobles served as an advisor to senior executives to optimize cyberspace and cybersecurity operations, developed business continuity and disaster recovery procedures, improved information security, and provided technology consultant on big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He continues to serve on several national-level cyber councils and associations to shape national-level policies and technological issues in cybersecurity. Dr. Nobles routinely presents at cybersecurity conferences, serves as a keynote speaker, and panel member. He is in high demand for his thought leadership on difficult cybersecurity issues and topics. He has earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Management and Engineering Technology, specializing in technology innovation and integration. Dr. Nobles attained graduate degrees in Aeronautical Science, Business Administration, and Military Strategy and Operational Art, and an undergraduate degree in Business Management.