NLIT Summit 2024

April 8 - 11, 2024

Seattle, Washington

Abstract Submission Information

NLIT Summit 2024
Monday, April 8th through Thursday, April 11st
Seattle Convention Center

Important Dates

*All Times are Pacific Time

  • Abstract submission closes: January 15, 2024 Midnight
  • Notification to authors: February 9, 2024
  • Presentation Dates: April 9 - 11, 2024

Anticipated Topics for 2024 Include:

  • Cloud Solutions & Operations
    Papers focused on the design, implementation, management, and best practices of cloud-based platforms and solutions for IT operations.
  • Network and Infrastructure
    Contributions addressing the design, optimization, and maintenance of communication networks, data centers, and foundational IT infrastructure components.
  • Enterprise Applications
    Insights into the design, deployment, and evaluation of large-scale software applications tailored for business operations and organizational needs.
  • Cybersecurity & Compliance
    Research and case studies on the latest techniques, tools, regulations, and best practices for securing digital assets and ensuring IT compliance.
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Solutions
    Papers delving into tools, strategies, and methodologies for deriving meaningful insights from data to inform business decisions.
  • Data Stewardship & Management
    Discussions on best practices, tools, and frameworks for the responsible collection, maintenance, and dissemination of data in organizations.
  • IT Service & Support
    Explorations into the tools, techniques, and best practices for providing IT support and service to end-users and stakeholders.
  • Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems
    Papers focused on the intersection of IT and operational technologies, especially as they pertain to industrial and manufacturing processes.
  • Human Centered Design
    Insights into designing technology solutions that prioritize user needs, behaviors, and experiences.
  • DevOps for Enterprise
    Contributions on the methodologies, tools, and practices for fostering collaboration between development and IT operations in large organizations.
  • Portfolio & Project Management
    Discussions centered around best practices, tools, and methodologies for managing IT projects and portfolios efficiently and effectively.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    Research and findings on the development, implementation, and implications of AI and ML algorithms in various IT contexts.
  • Hybrid Workplace
    Insights into the challenges, tools, and best practices for managing and facilitating a combination of remote and on-site IT operations.
  • Recruiting & Retention
    Papers focused on strategies, challenges, and innovations in attracting, hiring, and retaining IT talent in organizations.

The following theme options should be selected if your presentation is part of the Sustainable Scientific Software Conference (S3C) Tracks:

  • Security in DevOps
  • Understanding New Technologies for DevOps
  • Overcoming Challenges with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • DevOps Infrastructure for CI/CD
  • Incorporating Applications After Deployment into Larger Workflows
  • HPC System Management and DevOps
  • Software Development Challenges
  • DevOps Principle 2 of Continuous Feedback
  • Building Successful Teams

For more details about themes, see

Submission Guidelines

-Tell us what you would like to share in 500 words or less! Abstracts are due by January 15, 2024 Midnight Pacific Time with notification of acceptance/rejection by February 9.

-NEW FOR 2024!! You can choose from five different presentation types:

  • Traditional Presentation – 30 total Minutes (20-25 minutes presentation, 5-10 minute questions)
  • Birds of a Feather - discussion by all attendees (30 minutes)
  • Workshop (60-120 minutes)
  • Panel Presentation (30 min)
  • Lightning Presentation (15 Total Minutes - 10 min to present, 5 min questions)

*Please note that industry presentations will be limited to the traditional format

-Bio about you (1000 characters or less)

For additional guidance on the abstract submission process, please review the NLIT Committee submission information video from the 2023 NLIT Summit below:

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