NLIT Summit 2022

Presentation Submission Guidelines

All presentations should be cleared for public dissemination. If applicable, please initiate the internal review of your slides as soon as possible. Slide decks are required to be in Powerpoint or PDF. Presentations should be delivered using the SharePoint link below by Friday, October 7. If you are not permitted to transfer through SharePoint, please email them to

Please Use This Sharepoint Link to Send Your Slides

Please reserve 10-15 minutes for Q&A.

Your presentation will be preloaded onto the computer located in the room where you will be giving your presentation. A Windows computer with PowerPoint, a projector, screen, slide advancer, and internet connection will be in each room. You will be required to use the supplied computer for your presentation.

If you need other equipment or support, please notify us at PRIOR to October 7. As a backup please bring your presentation on a thumb drive if possible. (media will be scanned for viruses/malware)