MEP Connects U.S. manufacturers and manufacturing ecosystems with resources to serve their current and future needs.

Summit Overview

The 2017 MEP National Summit is designed to connect the MEP Centers and their network experts with information, resources and strategies to better serve manufacturers and deliver the NIST MEP mission of "enhancing the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing."

Over the course of three days, the Summit will bring together leadership and staff from MEP Centers and NIST MEP, along with key partners, stakeholders and industry thought leaders. Through more than 60 breakout sessions, insightful keynote speakers, plenary sessions and panel discussions, the Summit will provide a platform to build, expand and grow our capabilities to take U.S. manufacturers to the next level and prepare them for Manufacturing 4.0.

  • Hear from keynote speakers representing small manufacturers that Make it in America, OEMs with small manufacturing suppliers, and experts on relationship management
  • Learn about strategies for embracing our status in manufacturing communities as the trusted advisor, the national network brand initiative, and where we can take MEP with the Future is Now initiative
  • Get the latest information on manufacturing technology trends and topics, including current technologies directly impacting today’s manufacturing operations and cutting edge technologies of tomorrow that help constitute "Manufacturing 4.0"
  • Share distinctive and replicable practices to increase excellence across the network
  • Showcase MEP’s unique partnership framework that leverages the delivery and connection that manufacturers need most
  • Training from NIST staff on cooperative agreements, compliance, audits, reporting, and the newly signed American Innovation and Competitiveness Act
  • Connect with hundreds of trusted advisors and experts around the country who are part of the national network
  • The 2017 Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence (FORME) Awards Ceremony
  • Access to resources from exhibitors and sponsors
  • Reveal of the new MEP National Network brand
  • Share networking opportunities
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