Language Education and Resource Center (LEARN) Workshops 2008/2009 -- Welcome!

Workshop for Arabic Programs
in US Military Academies and Government Institutes:

Workshop Theme:
Using Technology and Methodology to Craft New Solutions to Old Challenges.

Sponsors:Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Language and Culture Studies Department, USNA
Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, USNA
International Programs Office, USNA

The LEARN Symposium provides a wonderful opportunity for instructors working for the U.S. Government to share their expertise in teaching Arabic as a Second Language. Participants from the U.S. military and government language/cultural programs have a great venue to exchange methodologies and experiences in Arabic language teaching, as well as an opportunity to network with colleagues among other federal government organizations, academia, and industry.

This three day workshop will have several different foci that present opportunities for academic discussion and presentation, including:

Focus 1. Impediments in teaching and learning of Arabic (identifying, responding and building strategies to overcome them): This topic allows the academic discussion of a variety of linguistic, cognitive, psychological, institutional and intellectual impediments which stand in the way of successful language learning/teaching. Discussion of challenges specific to the military and government institute classroom are most welcome, as are the results of attempts to solve any specific issues in language and culture learning and teaching in the classroom environment, and for the individual student. Focus 2. Using assessments in the Language (Arabic) classroom and the benefits /limitations of feedback: This topic focuses on putting assessment back to work in the classroom. Discussions can center on programmatic outcomes, issues, incentives, limitations, the benefits of assessment with national standards as touchstones, using comparisons among military, and governmental and civilian academic programs. Additionally, Where do these programs fit in preparing students for the greater world or for specific military operational, intelligence, career and diplomatic needs? Focus 3. Creative responses to the DoD framework for Regional and Cultural Expertise (October 2007) and LREC (January 2008) in Arabic Programs: This topic will discuss Arabic cultural and regional learning in Arabic programs at the military academies and governmental institutes � their relationships, requirements, and intellectual, academic, military, intelligence and diplomatic implications Focus 4. Arabic Cultural, Regional and Language Learning Products: Student Demonstrations and Presentations An Arabic program student competition in three categories. Students from the military academy and government institute programs will present their best Arabic 1) creative or 2) topical work, focusing on oral delivery, or 3) an academic paper in English. A committee composed of faculty drawn from all the Arabic programs represented at the workshop will judge these productions.